Dash Cams, Why Bother?

Why You Should Fit Your Fleet with Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras are useful to have for your personal car in the uk these days, but can sometimes prove tricky finding the right dash cam for your requirements. If you’re looking for one for your car, then you can try checking out this best 5 in the uk list we found.  However, it is even more useful if you own a fleet of vehicles. It offers the following benefits:

  • While you try your best to hire the most qualified and experienced drivers, you are bound to make a bad hiring decision some time or another. Dashboard cameras can help you identify and appraise your drivers. You can have a look at the footage from some vehicles every day to see if your drivers are driving safely and are following the traffic rules. These surprise audits are likely to keep your drivers honest and quench any desires of rash driving which and ultimately giving your business a bad name. Since the dash cam records everything you can examine the driver behavior minutely.

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  • In case of an unfortunate event of an accident involving your vehicles, the video captured by the camera can be furnished as a proof to get your insurance claims and hence mitigate your losses. The insurer is much more likely to accept your claim if it is supplemented with a video proof. If you have a big enough fleet, you expect minor mishaps to happen regularly and having dash cams is definitely a smart business decision.
  • Since many dash cams today come fitted with inbuilt GPS systems you can use the dash cam data in all the ways in which you can use data from your GPS systems. Since it’s a two in one integrated system, it also brings is cost effectiveness. The GPS data can be used to locate your vehicles, look at the routes followed by them and monitor the speed at which your vehicles are being driven. Further, you do not now have to depend solely on your driver to address customer queries. You can look up the vehicle real time and give an estimate of the time of arrival/delivery to inquisitive customers hence improve customer satisfaction.
  • You can use the footage collected from your dash cams as material to train your new drivers and showcase the perils of rash driving. A video of something that has happened to a vehicle close to them is likely to resonate better with people.
  • Dashboard cameras also serve as security cameras when your vehicle is parked. They record all activity around them and store the videos which show impact and motion.
  • Your employees/drivers can have a good laugh over funny incidents that they happened to witness on the road. They can also share the funny license plates that they might have witnessed. In fact, if you start collecting, you can have your own collection of funniest videos in no time.

Inwards facing taxi cameras improve the safety of your drivers and protect them from unfriendly passengers that they might have to give a ride to. You can also help the law enforcement agencies if one of the passengers happens to be someone so dear to them that they want to have him caught.